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Crime Victim Representation

Civil Justice for Victims. The Adams Law Firm represents crime victims and survivors of sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape, physical assault and violence, and other similar crimes. We hold offenders and third-party defendants accountable where the injuries suffered by these crimes are the result of negligence or an abuse of power by property owners, employers, companies, or other entities.

Civil Remedies for Crime Victims

Many crime victims face life-altering injuries or even death. The physical, financial and emotional turmoil of the immediate aftermath is just the beginning of a long and difficult journey. The criminal court system may provide a measure of justice, but it often cannot provide the financial resources necessary for survivors to rebuild their lives.

As an experienced litigation firm, Adams Law represents crime victims in civil litigation against perpetrators of crime and third-party defendants who fail to provide reasonable protection against preventable tragedies. While third-parties themselves do not commit the crimes, their failure to fulfill their duty to provide adequate safeguards from criminal violence often results in life-altering consequences for a crime victim.

We represent victims of crime experienced in the following settings:

  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Drug and alcohol treatment centers
  • Churches and religious institution
  • Apartment buildings
  • Parking garages and parking lots
  • Hotels and motels
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Commercial properties and businesses

We hold institutions of power accountable.

Child Sexual Abuse and Molestation

The Adams Law Firm is a voice for child victims who have endured unimaginable harm. Our firm represents children who have suffered abuse at the hands of family members or in religious institutions, summer camps, child care facilities, sports programs, or other organizations or institutions.

We understand that many victims fear a loss of privacy that may be involved in reporting child sexual abuse and molestation and the litigation that may follow. We provide experienced, compassionate, private and confidential consultation to discuss various options to protect privacy interests of survivors while holding perpetrators and institutions accountable.


Physical Violence and Sexual Assault

Physical assault, sexual violence, and rape are both criminal and civil wrongs. Victims are harmed not just by the criminal violation but also by devastating consequences that follow including expenses for medical procedures, pain and suffering, lost wages, and emotional distress. Civil lawsuits provide restitution and compensation that allow survivors to rebuild their lives.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of childhood sexual abuse, physical violence or assault, call The Adams Law Firm to discuss your legal options.

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A Note About Statutes of Limitations

Children who suffer sexual abuse often repress the memory of abuse, or are afraid to come forward. Life circumstances, therapy, recovery, and other events may trigger memories many years later. If you are an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, you may be able to bring a claim despite the passage of time based on tolling provisions, discovery rules and expanded statutes of limitations. In Connecticut, for example, victims have 30 years from the “age of majority” to file a civil lawsuit seeking damages for sexual abuse, assault or exploitation they suffered as children.

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