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The Adams Law Firm, P.C. represents individuals and families harmed by those who have abused their power and influence in schools, the workplace, youth organizations, and in other institutions of trust. We have the experience, skills, and resources to investigate and litigate our cases to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Our Passion

We will fight as hard as we can for as long as it takes to remedy the harms caused to our clients, providing aggressive advocacy and compassionate support so our clients can reclaim their lives and begin a process of healing. We empower and protect our clients through civil lawsuits to hold to account the individuals, institutions, and employers who violated their rights.


School Violence & Education Law

Protecting Students. The Adams Law Firm represents children and young adults enrolled in public, private and boarding schools, as well as colleges and universities, who are victims of sexual abuse, physical or sexual assault, bullying or hazing. Where those responsible for creating a safe learning environment have ignored, minimized or concealed abuse, they can and should be held responsible.

Crime Victim Representation

Civil Justice for Victims. We  represent survivors of violent crime, including physical assault, sexual assault and abuse. Property owners, employers, and other establishments may be held responsible for crimes that result from their failure to take reasonable measures to ensure a safe environment.

Employment Law

Fighting for employee rights. We represent employees who have experienced discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, hostility or violence in the workplace. We also counsel executives, employees, and small businesses to protect their rights through various transitions in their employment.


At the Adams Law Firm, our greatest satisfaction comes from helping our clients feel heard, respected, and vindicated so they can begin to heal from the injustices they have experienced. In our relentless pursuit of justice, we are not afraid to pursue novel legal theories to advocate for stronger protections for vulnerable children and adults.


Elizabeth Knight Adams

Founding Attorney

Liz Adams is an experienced litigator and advocate for victims of discrimination, harassment, physical and sexual violence or other criminal conduct. She provides empathy and compassion to her clients, while holding to account individuals and institutions responsible for the injustices they face. 

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